The Shipping Agency Regulations






   1.   Citation.

   2.   Interpretation.

   3.   Application for licence.

   4.   Eligibility for licence.

   5.   Licences.

   6.   Licence fees.

   7.   Conditions of licence.

   8.   Ensurance in the performance of auxiliary shipping services.

   9.   Professional qualifications.

   10.   Financial qualifications.

   11.   Professional conduct.

   12.   Disciplinary measures.

   13.   Agency services fee.

   14.   Furnishing of statements, declaration or records.

   15.   Establishment of Shipping Agency Committee.

   16.   Composition.

   17.   Functions.

   18.   Tenure of appointment.

   19.   Meetings.

   20.   Minutes of meetings.

   21.   Committee may regulate its own proceedings.

   22.   Offences and penalties.



(Sections 8, 9 and 24)

G.Ns. Nos.
338 of 2002
513 of 2002

1.   Citation

   These Regulations may be cited as the Shipping Agency Regulations.

2.   Interpretation

   In these Regulations, unless the context requires otherwise–

   "Act" means the Shipping Agency Act *;

   "Authority" means the Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority established under section 4 of the Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority Act *;

   "Committee" means the Agency Committee;

   "licence" means a licence to carry on the business of shipping agency;

   "Minister" means the Minister responsible for shipping agency matters.

3.   Application for licence

   (1) Every company desiring to carry on business as a shipping agent shall–

   (a)   make an application in that behalf to the Authority in the form as set out in the First Schedule to these Regulations;

   (b)   make an application on or before the thirtieth day of November of the preceding year;

   (c)   pay to the Authority a non-refundable fee of US$ 20 or its equivalent in Tanzania shillings;

   (d)   furnish to the Authority all such information as may be required for the purposes of dealing with the application.

   (2) Every application for renewal of a licence shall be accompanied by–

   (a)   a letter from the owner or operator of a shipping line appointing the applicant as the agent in Mainland Tanzania; or

   (b)   a copy of the agency agreement signed by the shipping agent and the shipping line where the principal operates a regular liner service; or

   (c)   a letter indicating the agency terms where the principal does not operate a regular liner service; or

   (d)   a written undertaking by the applicant that the applicant shall in form the Authority of any change in the number and composition of shipping lines represented by the applicant; any changes in the Board of Directors of the company; any change in the shareholding of the company or any change of the location of the business premises.

4.   Eligibility for licence

   In the case of fresh application and on subsequent renewal no company shall be eligible for a licence to carry on business as a shipping agent if that company–

   (a)   is a ship-owner, operator or a charterer;

   (b)   does not possess the prescribed qualifications for the proper carrying on the business of shipping agency provided under the Act and these Regulations;

   (c)   does not have a proper registered place of business in Tanzania;

   (d)   has not complied with any provisions of the Act or any regulations made under the Act;

   (e)   has a known criminal record inside or outside the country.

5.   Licences

   Every licence issued to a shipping agent in December in any year shall be valid for a term of one year and shall be in the form as set out in the Second Schedule.

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