The Mosquitoes (Control) (Application) Order


      The Mosquitoes (Control) Rules



   1. This Order may be cited as the Mosquitoes (Control) (Application) Order.

   2. The application of the Mosquitoes (Control) Act is hereby extended to the following areas–

   (a)   Arusha District *

      (i)   All that area contained within the following boundaries–

            From the confluence of the Tengeru and Mbembe Rivers in Arusha District the boundary follows the Tengeru River in a southerly direction to the south-eastern boundary beacon of Farm L.O. No. 9480; thence in a straight line in a south-westerly direction to the north-east boundary beacon of Farm No. 136; thence in a westerly direction towards the northern boundary of Farm No. 136 to the north-westerly beacon of the said farm; thence in a straight line in a north-westerly direction to a point where the Moshi-Arusha main road crosses the Manyeli River; thence in a northerly direction towards the Manyeli River to the north-western boundary beacon of Farm 101/2/2; thence in a north-easterly direction towards the northern boundaries of farms 101/2/2 and 99 and 90 to the Mbembe River; thence southward towards the Mbembe River to the point of commencement;

      (ii)   the Senior Medical Officer of the former Northern Province (Arusha and Kilimanjaro Regions) is empowered to carry out the provisions of the Act in the area described in subparagraph (a)(i).

   (b)   Iringa District *

            All that area in the Iringa District lying within a distance of two miles measured from the boundaries of the Iringa Township (now Municipality).

   (c)   Kigoma District *

            All that area in the Kigoma District lying within a distance of 1 mile measured from the boundary of the former Kigoma Evacuee Camp.

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