The Corporations Sole (Establishment) Orders


      The Corporations Sole (Prison Department) Regulations

      The Corporations Sole (Works Superintendent) Regulations

      The Corporations Sole (Chief of National Service) (Sub-Department of Productions) Regulations

      The Corporations Sole (Prisons Department) Regulations



(Section 3(1))

   In exercise of the powers vested upon the President by section 3(1) of the Corporations Sole (Establishment) Act *, the Officers in charge of the offices specified in the first column of the Schedule to this Orders, are by Government Notices specified opposite them in the second column, designated to be corporations sole and as such are authorised to carry on projects specified in the third column.




   1. Chief of
National Service Sub-department of Reduction

G.N. No. 94 of 1981

   1. Construction and maintenance of National Service buildings.

   2. Construction of buildings and other like structures on contractual and commercial basis.

   3. Engaging in industrial, farming and agricultural activities in particular the manufacturing of tents, scarp, steel and corrugated iron sheet products, wood-working, tailoring, shoe making, dairy and poultry farming, rice and maize farming and other like activities.

   4. Selling products of industrial, farming and agricultural activities.

   5. Doing all acts and things which may be necessary or expedient for the proper and efficient performance of the foregoing functions.

   2. Prison Department of the Ministry responsible for Prisons Services and Administration

G.N. No. 128 of 1983
G.N. No. 640 of 1986

   1. Maintenance, administration and management on commercial basis of the following projects:

   (a)   Shoes factory at Karanga Prison;

   (b)   Dairy Farm at Kingolwira Prison;

   (c)   Maize farm at Songwe Prison;

   (d)   Tailoring Industries at Uyui Prison;

   (e)   Foundry Unit at Kingolwira Prison;

   (f)   Ranch farm at Wami Prison;

   (g)   Wood-work industries at Uyui Prison - Tabora, Arusha Prison, and Ukonga Prison - Dar es Salaam;

   (h)   Soap Industries at Ruanda Prison - Mbeya;

   (i)   Salt Mining works at Silungu Prison - Mtwara;

      With the assistance of prisoners in custody in the said, Karanga, Kingolwira, Songwe, Ukonga Wami, Uyui, Arusha, Ruanda and Silungu.

   2. Selling products of the said farms and industrial projects.

   3. Do all acts and things which may be necessary or expedient for the proper and efficient performance of the foregoing functions.

   3. The office of the Works Superintendent in the Ministry responsible for Works

G.N. No. 26 of 1976

   1. Construction of buildings on commercial basis and like structures.

   2. Doing all things and acts and undertaking all enterprises connected with or relating to construction of buildings and like structures.



(Section 7)

G.N. No 131 of 1975

1.   Title

   These Regulations may be cited as the Corporations Sole (Prison Department) Regulations.

2.   Application

   These Regulations shall apply to all the corporations sole established in relation to the Prisons Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

3.   Interpretation

   In these Regulations, unless the context requires otherwise–

   "corporation" means a corporation sole to which these Regulations apply;

   "Minister" means the Minister responsible for Home Affairs;

   "Permanent Secretary" means the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Home Affairs;

   "specified officer" means the officer holding or acting in the office which has been designated a corporation sole.

4.   Bank Account

   (1) The specified officer in relation to a corporation shall cause a bank account to be opened in the name of the corporation:

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