1.   Short title.


   2.   Interpretation.


   3.   Establishment of the Institute.


   4.   Functions of the Institute.


   5.   Delivery to National Film Library of copies of films made in Mainland Tanzania.


   6.   The Governing Board.


   7.   Composition and procedure of Governing Board.


   8.   Powers and duties of the Governing Board.


   9.   Director of the Institute.


   10.   Appointment of staff.


   11.   Delegation.


   12.   Governing Board responsible for management of assets.


   13.   Funds of the Institute.


   14.   Power to borrow.


   15.   Annual and supplementary budget.


   16.   Investment.


   17.   Accounts and audit.


   18.   Director's report.


   19.   Annual statement of accounts and report to be laid before National Assembly.


   20.   Regulations and by-laws.


   21.   Fees and allowances.


   22.   Minister may give directions and grant exemptions.


   23.   Proceedings of Governing Board not to be invalid by reason of irregularity.


   24.   Protection of members of Governing Board and officers of Institute.






An Act to establish the Audio-Visual Institute of Dar-es-Salaam.

[1st July, 1975]
[G.N. No. 136 of 1975]

Acts Nos.
26 of 1974
1 of 1977


1.   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Audio-Visual Institute of Dar-es-Salaam Act.


2.   Interpretation

   In this Act, unless the context requires otherwise–

   "Governing Board" means the Governing Board of the Institute established under section 6;

   "Institute" means the Audio-Visual Institute of Dar-es-Salaam established by section 3;

   "member" in relation to the Governing Board includes the Chairman of the Board;

   "Minister" means the Minister responsible for Information and Broadcasting.


3.   Establishment of the Institute

   (1) There is hereby established an Institution which shall be known as the Audio-Visual Institute of Dar-es-Salaam.

   (2) The Institute shall be a body corporate and shall–


   (a)   have perpetual succession and an official seal;


   (b)   in its corporate name, be capable of suing and being sued;


   (c)   be capable of purchasing or otherwise acquiring and of alienating any movable or immovable property.


4.   Functions of the Institute

   The functions of the Institute shall be–


   (a)   to provide facilities for training in all aspects of film production including film laboratory processes;


   (b)   to undertake the production of films and other audio-visual material as may be required for education or development purposes by institutions of the Government;


   (c)   to provide for the Government facilities for the establishment and maintenance of a National Film Library;


   (d)   to construct and maintain workshops and associated facilities and to undertake the repair, maintenance and servicing of film projectors and other visual-aid equipment;


   (e)   in collaboration with the Ministry responsible for information services, to undertake the distribution of films and audio-visual aids produced by the Institute or which may in any manner become vested in the Institute for the purpose of the distribution;


   (f)   to carry out research into the needs for the use of audio-visual aids by public institutions in Tanzania and to make available to the Government and other public authorities in the United Republic its findings on the research carried out by it;


   (g)   to stimulate and promote the production and development of audio-visual aids of any types, qualities and quantities which will adequately meet the needs of the people of the United Republic;


   (h)   to render advice and assistance to persons engaged in the production of audio-visual aids designed for educational or development purposes in Tanzania and to endeavour to coordinate the activities of those persons;


   (i)   to participate in, or to make arrangements for, conferences seminars and discussions on matters connected with the work and activities of the Institute;


   (j)   to do all other acts and things, and enter into all contracts and transactions, which are, in the opinion of the Governing Board, expedient or necessary for the proper and efficient discharge of the functions of the Institute.


5.   Delivery to National Film Library of copies of films made in Mainland Tanzania Act No. 1 of 1977 Sch.">

   (1) Every person, other than the Institute, who produces or causes to be produced in Mainland Tanzania any film intended for sale or public distribution or exhibition, whether for a fee or other valuable consideration or without a fee or other valuable consideration, shall, within thirty days after the day on which the production of the film is completed and notwithstanding any agreement in respect of the production of the film, deliver at his own expense two copies of the film to the Governing Board:

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