1.   Short title.

   2.   Interpretation.

   3.   Area of water supply.

   4.   [Repealed.]

   5.   Water Authority to take over and manage waterworks and water supply.

   6.   Power and duties of Water Authority.

   7.   Powers of the Water Authority for maintenance.

   8.   Power of the Water Authority to lay pipes, etc., on private lands.

   9.   Power of Water Authority to enter premises for inspection of pipes, etc., and to supervise proper use of water service.

   10.   Power of Water Authority to curtail or withhold supply.

   11.   Power to authorise supply of water outside water supply area.

   12.   Application of Act to supply outside area.

   13.   Power of Water Authority to supply water to premises.

   14.   Supply by quantity in water supply area.

   15.   Compound rate for supply by compound in water supply area.

   16.   Water Authority may charge rent for meters.

   17.   Supply of water by agreement.

   18.   Appointment of person for collection of moneys due in respect of water supply.

   19.   Rates and charges where payable.

   20.   Liability for payment of rates and charges.

   21.   Failure of contractor to pay for water supplied.

   22.   Disconnection of water supply on non-payment of rates or charges.

   23.   Payment of rate after notice of discontinuance or after removal.

   24.   Action by prescribed authority for recovery of overdue amounts.

   25.   Recovery of overdue amounts from occupier.

   26.   Payment of water rates and charges in Dar es Salaam Water Supply Area.

   27.   Proof of liability.

   28.   Injury, diversion and pollution.

   29.   Misuse or waste of water.

   30.   Altering pipe or fitting.

   31.   Fraudulent measurement.

   32.   Water used other than for purpose supplied.

   33.   Water supplied to persons not entitled to supply.

   34.   Trespass.

   35.   Taking water for ships.

   36.   Accumulation likely to enter waterworks.

   37.   Bathing, washing in waterworks.

   38.   Offence under other laws.

   39.   Rules.

   40.   Penalty for breach of rules.

   41.   Administration of this Act.

   42.   Powers of new boards.


An Act to provide for and regulate a supply of water to the public.

[4th November, 1949]

[R.L. Cap. 281]
Ord. No. 50 of 1949
G.N. No. 478 of 1962
Acts Nos.
5 of 1966
7 of 1981
8 of 1997

1.   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Waterworks Act.

2.   Interpretation Act No. 8 of 1997 s. 32">

   In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires–

   "catchment area" means any area of land or of water delimited by the Minister which contributes to the supply of water to any waterworks;

   "contractor" means any person employed under a contract to erect a building or perform other constructional work on any premises;

   "domestic purposes" means in regard to any premises only such uses of water as are ordinarily necessary for the health and reasonable domestic comfort of any person residing upon or resorting to the premises during the period of that residence or resorting;

   "internal supply" means the supply of water by service to any premises;

   "meter" means an apparatus for measuring water and any meter box, meter box cover and indicator marking the position and size of such meter;

   "Minister" means the Minister responsible for water;

   "non-domestic purposes" includes the use of any water from the waterworks for the purpose of, or in carrying on, any trade, business, or manufacture, or for watering fields or gardens cultivated or occupied as a means of pecuniary profit, or for watering animals, cattle, horses, donkeys, mules, sheep, goats or pigs, kept for pecuniary profit, or for private fountains, or for any ornamental purpose, or for the supply of ponds or tanks, or for laundries, vessels, ships, boats, or machinery; and includes the use of water by any person resident in or occupying any premises where a non-domestic supply is given;

   "occupier" means any person in occupation of the premises or any part of the premises in connection with which the word is used;

   "owner" means the person for the time being receiving the rent of the premises in connection with which the word is used whether on his own account, or as agent or trustee for any other person or who would receive the rent if the premises were let to a tenant, and includes the holder of premises direct from the United Republic;

   "premises" means any land with or without buildings which is held or occupied as a distinct or separate holding or tenancy and includes any wharf or pier;

   "prescribed authority" means the person appointed by the Minister under section 18 of this Act for the purposes prescribed by that section;

   "public fountain" means any fountain, stand-pipe, tap or trough or any structure in connection therewith which is used or intended to be used for, or in connection with the supply of water to the public from the waterworks as prescribed and erected by the Water Authority;

   "service" means all pipes, cisterns, cocks, fittings and other appliances (except meters) through which water flows or is intended to flow from the waterworks or which are or may be used for the purpose of supplying any premises from the waterworks;

   "sewage disposal works" means any sewer and drain or sewage disposal works as defined under section 2(2) of the Public Health (Sewerage and Drainage) Act *;

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