1.   Short title and extension.

   2.   [Omitted: Incorporated into s. 1.]

   3.   Application.

   4.   Interpretation.

   5.   Exercise of powers by service courts of countries sending visiting forces.

   6.   Tanzania Courts to have regard to sentences of service courts.

   7.   Arrest, etc., of offenders against Mainland Tanzania law.

   8.   Restriction on proceedings relating to service of members of visiting force.

   9.   Apprehension, etc., of deserters and absentees without leave.

   10.   Application of certain enactments to visiting forces.

   11.   Evidence for purposes of section 6.

   12.   Evidence for purposes of section 9.

   13.   General provisions relating to evidence.

   14.   Provisions of Act not to oust jurisdiction of Tanzania courts.

   15.   Maintenance of visiting force to be lawful.


An Act to make provision with respect to Military, Naval and Air Forces of certain other countries visiting Tanzania, to provide for the apprehension and disposal of deserters and absentees without leave in Tanzania from the Forces of such countries and for related matters.

[7th December, 1962]

Acts Nos.
70 of 1962
[R.L. Cap. 494]
24 of 1966

1.   Short title and extension

   This Act may be cited as the Visiting Forces Act, and extends to Mainland Tanzania as well as Tanzania Zanzibar.

2.   Omitted: Incorporated into s. 1

   [Omitted: Incorporated into s. 1.]

[s. 1A]

3.   Application

   (1) References in this Act to a country to which a provision of this Act applies are references to any country designated for the purposes of that provision by an order made under subsection (2).

   (2) The President may, as respects any country, if it appears to him expedient that the provisions of this Act, or any of them, should have effect in relation to that country, by order designate that country for the purposes of those provisions.

   (3) Where an order is made under subsection (2) in respect of any country, the President may, by the same or by another order, provide that in so far as this Act has effect in relation to that country it shall have effect subject to such limitations or modifications as may be specified in the order.

   (4) An order made under subsection (2) or subsection (3) shall be published in the Gazette.

[s. 2]

4.   Interpretation

   (1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires–

   "court" means a court exercising jurisdiction in Tanzania under the law of Tanzania otherwise than by virtue of section 5 of this Act;

   "forces" in relation to a country means any of the military, naval or air forces of that country;

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