1.   Short title.

   2.   Interpretation.

   3.   Prohibition of practice of veterinary surgery by unregistered persons.

   4.   Qualifications for registration.

   5.   Establishment and constitution of Veterinary Board.

   6.   Meetings and procedure of the Board.

   7.   Registrar and register.

   8.   Applications for registration.

   9.   Certificate of registration.

   10.   Correction of register.

   11.   Publication.

   12.   [Repealed.]

   13.   Use of title.

   14.   Persons registered to practise and sue for fees.

   15.   Professional charges not recoverable by unregistered person.

   16.   Certificates to be signed by duly registered veterinary surgeon.

   17.   Certain veterinary officers to be registered free of charge.

   18.   Offences.

   19.   Power to strike off register.

   20.   Effect of removal, cancellation or suspension.

   21.   Special provisions relating to charitable institutions.

   22.   Rules.

   23.   Exemption from restrictions on practice of veterinary surgery.



An Act to make provision for the Registration of Veterinary Surgeons and the practice of Veterinary Surgery.

[5th September, 1958]

Ord. No. 20 of 1956
[R.L. Cap. 376]
Acts Nos.
1 of 1963
41 of 1969

1.   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Veterinary Surgeons Act.

2.   Interpretation Acts Nos. 1 of 1963 s. 2; 41 of 1969 Sch.">

   (1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires–

   "animal" means any domestic animal or bird or any wild animal or bird;

   "Board" means the Veterinary Board established under section 5;

   "Minister" means the Minister responsible for agriculture;

   "register" means the register kept by the Registrar in accordance with the provisions of section 7;

   "registered veterinary surgeon" means a person whose name is for the time being entered in the register;

   "Registrar" means the Registrar appointed by section 7.

   (2) For the purposes of this Act, the practice of veterinary surgery shall be deemed to include the performance of any surgical operation on, the giving of any medical or surgical treatment to, or the inoculation of or the making of any diagnosis of any disease, sickness or injury on any animal.

   (3) From and after the commencement of this Act the words "legally qualified veterinary surgeon" or "duly qualified veterinary surgeon" or any expression meaning a person recognised by law as a veterinary surgeon or member of the veterinary profession, when used in any enactment with reference to such a person, shall be construed to mean a person registered under this Act.

3.   Prohibition of practice of veterinary surgery by unregistered persons Act No. 1 of 1963 s. 3">

   No person shall, unless he is registered under this Act, practise, or hold himself out, whether directly or by implication, as practising, or being prepared to practise, veterinary surgery.

4.   Qualifications for registration Act No. 1 of 1963 s. 4">

   No person shall be qualified to be registered under this Act unless he is the holder of a veterinary degree or diploma recognised by the Board.

5.   Establishment and constitution of Veterinary Board Act No. 1 of 1963 s. 5">

   (1) There is hereby established a Veterinary Board which will consist of the Director of the Veterinary Division in the ministry responsible for agriculture, or the person for the time being appointed to act in that capacity, who shall be the Chairman of the Board, and five other members, four of whom shall be registered veterinary surgeons to be appointed by the Minister and one of whom shall be an officer employed in the Attorney-General's Chambers to be appointed by the Attorney-General.

   (2) A member of the Board appointed under subsection (1) of this section (other than the member appointed by the Attorney-General), shall, unless his appointment is earlier cancelled by the Minister, hold office for three years but shall be eligible for re-appointment. The member appointed by the Attorney-General shall hold office for such period or periods as the Attorney-General may from time to time determine and shall be eligible for re-appointment.

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