1.   Short title and commencement.

   2.   Interpretation.

   3.   Establishment of the Centre.

   4.   Functions of the Centre.

   5.   The Governing Board.

   6.   Composition and procedure of Governing Board.

   7.   Powers and duties of the Governing Board.

   8.   Appointment of the Managing Director.

   9.   Appointment of staff.

   10.   Delegation.

   11.   Governing Board responsible for management of assets.

   12.   Funds of the Centre.

   13.   Power to borrow.

   14.   Annual and supplementary budget.

   15.   Investment.

   16.   Accounts and audit.

   17.   Managing Director's report.

   18.   Annual statement of accounts and report to be laid before National Assembly.

   19.   Regulations and by-laws.

   20.   Fees and allowances.

   21.   Minister may give directions and grant exemptions.

   22.   Proceedings of Governing Board not to be invalid by reason of irregularity.

   23.   Protection of members of Governing Board and officers of Centre.



An Act to establish the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre.

[6th December, 1973]
[G.N. No 116 of 1999]

Acts Nos.
24 of 1973
3 of 1995

1.   Short title and commencement

   This Act may be cited as the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Act, and shall come into operation on such date as the Minister may, by notice in the Gazette, appoint.

2.   Interpretation

   In this Act unless the context requires otherwise–

   "Centre" means the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre;

   "Governing Board" means the Governing Board of the Centre established under section 5;

   "members" in relation to the Governing Board includes the chairman of the Board;

   "Minister" means the Minister for the time being responsible for the Centre.

3.   Establishment of the Centre Act No. 3 of 1995 Sch.">

   (1) There is hereby established under the Ministry responsible for health an autonomous body to be known as the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre.

   (2) The Centre shall be a body corporate and shall–

   (a)   have perpetual succession and a common seal;

   (b)   in its corporate name, be capable of suing and being sued;

   (c)   be capable of purchasing or otherwise acquiring and of alienating any movable or immovable property.

   (3) Consequent upon the changing of the former Centre into an autonomous entity, all assets and liabilities to which the former Centre was entitled or subject and all employees of the former Centre shall with effect from the date of coming into operation of this Act be vested in and transferred to the new Centre.

4.   Functions of the Centre

   The functions of the Centre shall be–

   (a)   to plan and initiate food and nutrition programmes for the benefit of the people of the United Republic;

   (b)   to undertake review and revision of food and nutrition programmes;

   (c)   to provide facilities for training in subjects relating to food and nutrition and prescribe conditions which must be satisfied before any diploma, certificate or other award which may be granted in any subject upon completion of any training undertaken by the Centre or other educational institution in the United Republic;

   (d)   to carry out research in matters relating to food and nutrition;

   (e)   to advise the Government, schools and other public organisations on matters relating to food and nutrition;

   (f)   to stimulate and promote, amongst the people of the United Republic, an awareness of the importance of balanced diet and of the dangers of malnutrition;

   (g)   to gain public confidence in the methods suggested by the Centre for the correction or avoidance of malnutrition;

   (h)   in collaboration with the Ministry responsible for Development Planning, to formulate, for incorporation in the national development plans, plans relating to food and nutrition for the benefit of the people of the United Republic;

   (i)   in collaboration with the producers, manufacturers and distributors of articles of food, to ensure proper nutritional value of the food marketed in the United Republic or exported to foreign countries;

   (j)   to make available to the Government and the people of the United Republic its findings on any research carried out by it on matters affecting nutrition;

   (k)   to participate in international conferences, seminars and discussions on matters relating to food or nutrition;

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