1.   Short title.

   2.   Interpretation.

   3.   Minister may acquire certain rural farmlands for purpose of making new grants.

   4.   Notice of intention to acquire land.

   5.   Withdrawal from acquisition.

   6.   Extinguishment of title to acquired land.

   7.   Minister may pay compensation.

   8.   Regrant of acquired land.

   9.   Service of notices.

   10.   Power of entry.

   11.   Possession of land acquired.

   12.   Authorised persons and penalty for obstruction.

   13.   Amendment of registers.

   14.   Exemption from stamp duty and fees.

   15.   Abatement of rent.

   16.   Forms.

   17.   Cultivators not to be evicted.

   18.   No sublease to be granted of rural farmlands without consent.


An Act to make provision for the acquisition of certain farmlands in the occupation of persons other than their owners and for the regrant of lands so acquired.

[7th January, 1966]

Acts Nos.
8 of 1966
30 of 1966
53 of 1966
26 of 1968

1.   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Rural Farmlands (Acquisition and Regrant) Act.

2.   Interpretation Acts Nos. 30 of 1966; 53 of 1966">

   (1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires–

   "cultivator" in relation to any rural farmland, means a person, other than the owner, who cultivates that rural farmland, and includes a person, other than the owner, who uses that rural farmland for any agricultural, horticultural or forestry purpose or for the pasturing of livestock or other domestic animals or for the purpose of mining; and a "deceased cultivator" means a person, other than the owner, who so cultivated or used the rural farmland immediately before his death;

   "Government lease" has the meaning ascribed thereto in the Government Leaseholds (Conversion to Rights of Occupancy) Act *;

   "to mine" and "building minerals" shall have the same meanings as are ascribed to those terms respectively in the Mining Act *;

   "mining" means mining for salt or building minerals but does not include mining of any other minerals;

   "Minister" means the Minister for the time being responsible for lands;

   "owner", in relation to land held for a Government lease, means the tenant and, in relation to land held for a right of occupancy, means the grantee of the right;

   "registered land" and "unregistered land" have the meanings respectively ascribed to those expressions in the Land Registration Act *;

   "registered rights or interest" means any right or interest in land registered under the Registration of Documents Act * or the Land Registration Act *;

   "Registrar", in relation to registered land, means the Registrar of Titles appointed under the Land Registration Act and, in relation to unregistered land, means the Registrar appointed under the Registration of Documents Act;

   "right of occupancy" means a right of occupancy granted under the Land Act *;

   "rural farmland" means land in a rural area which is held, for or forms part of land held for–

   (a)   a Government lease;

   (b)   a right of occupancy granted, or deemed to have been granted, for agricultural, pastoral or mixed agricultural and pastoral purposes, before or in pursuance of a contract made before the tenth day of December, 1948;

   "title" in relation to any rural farmland means the Government lease or the right of occupancy for which such farmland and all other land held under the same lease or right is held;

   "unexhausted improvement" has the meaning ascribed thereto in the Land Act *.

   (2) In the definition "rural farmland" in subsection (1), "rural area" means any area which is not–

   (a)   within the jurisdiction of a city, municipal or town council; or

   (b)   an area which, immediately before the establishment of a district council for any part of Tanzania, was a township declared under the Townships Act * or a minor settlement declared under the Minor Settlements Act *; or

   (c)   a planning area declared under section 13 of the Town and Country Planning Act * which includes any area described in paragraph (a) or (b) of this definition or any part of such an area.

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