1.   Short title.

   2.   Interpretation.

   3.   Prohibition of export except through prescribed ports or without inspection.

   4.   Prohibition of export of unsound produce.

   5.   Seizure and destruction of diseased animal and unsound produce intended for export.

   6.   Registration of certain premises and producers.

   7.   Power to enter premises and give directions.

   8.   Causes for which registration may be cancelled.

   9.   Information to be supplied by producers.

   10.   Rules.

   11.   Obstruction, resistance or hindrance.

   12.   Forging certificate or brand and false warranties.

   13.   Penalty.

   14.   Appointment of Board of Appeal.


An Act to provide for the grading, inspection, regulation and preparation of produce to be exported from Mainland Tanzania.

[1st May, 1930]

Ords. Nos.
7 of 1929
10 of 1943
9 of 1954
G.Ns. Nos.
478 of 1962
201 of 1970

1.   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Produce Export Act.

2.   Interpretation G.N. No. 478 of 1962; G.N. No. 201 of 1970">

   In this Act, unless the context requires otherwise–

   "brand" when used as a verb means to step, mark, label or in any other manner distinguish by visible sign, and, when used as a noun, has a corresponding meaning;

   "export" means export from Mainland Tanzania for purposes of sale;

   "inspector" means a person generally or specifically designated by the Commissioner for the time being responsible for agriculture or as the case may be for veterinary services to examine or grade produce intended for export;

   "Minister" means the Minister for the time being responsible for agriculture;

   "prescribed" means prescribed by rules under this Act.

   "produce" or "product" means any article whatever produced or derived from farming or agricultural operations or stock-keeping which the Minister for Agriculture may from time to time declare to be produce for the purpose of this Act.

3.   Prohibition of export except through prescribed ports or without inspection Ord. No. 9 of 1954">

   No person shall export or cause or permit to be exported or attempt to export, any produce to which this Act applies–

   (a)   except from a port prescribed by rules under this Act; and

   (b)   unless such produce shall have been inspected, graded or inspected and branded in manner prescribed by the inspection rules:

   Provided that where such rules do not prescribe a port for the export of such   produce, nothing in this Act shall prevent the export of such produce from any port.

4.   Prohibition of export of unsound produce G.N. No. 201 of 1970">

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