1.   Short title.

   2.   Interpretation.

   3.   Establishment of National Museum of Tanzania.

   4.   Establishment and functions of the Board.

   5.   Appointment of Director.

   6.   Funds and resources of National Museum.

   7.   Annual and supplementary budget.

   8.   Accounts and audit.

   9.   Annual statement of accounts and report to be submitted to the Minister.

   10.   Annual statement and report to be laid before the National Assembly.

   11.   Vesting in the National Museum of objects acquired for National Museum.

   12.   [Repeal.]

   13.   Saving of rules.

   14.   Trustee of property from the Board of Trustees to the Board.

   15.   Regulations.



An Act to establish the National Museum of Tanzania, and to provide for related matters.

[1st August, 1980]
[G.N. No. 111 of 1980]

Act No. 7 of 1980

1.   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the National Museum of Tanzania Act.

2.   Interpretation

   In this Act, unless the context requires otherwise–

   "Board" means the Board of the National Museum of Tanzania established under section 4;

   "Board of Trustees" means the Board of Trustees established by the National Museum Act;

   "Director" means the Director of the National Museum of Tanzania appointed under section 5;

   "Minister" means the Minister for the time being responsible for National Culture;

   "museum" means an educational and cultural institution for the collection, preservation and research of scientific and cultural objects;

   "National Museum of Tanzania" means the National Museum of Tanzania established by section 3 and includes the National Museum of Tanzania Dar es Salaam, Arusha Declaration Museum, the Village Museum or any other museum that may be declared a national museum by the Minister in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

3.   Establishment of National Museum of Tanzania

   (1) There is hereby established a body corporate to be known as the National Museum of Tanzania.

   (2) The National Museum of Tanzania shall–

   (a)   have perpetual succession and an official seal;

   (b)   in its corporate name, be capable of suing and being sued;

   (c)   subject to the provisions of this Act, be capable of holding, purchasing and otherwise acquiring in any other way, any movable or immovable property or disposing of any of its property.

4.   Establishment and functions of the Board

   (1) There shall be established the Board of the National Museum of Tanzania.

   (2) The provisions of the First Schedule to this Act shall have effect as to the constitution, proceedings, and acts in relation to the Board.

   (3) Functions of the Board shall be to control, manage and develop the National Museum of Tanzania and for the purposes of carrying out those functions the Board may–

   (a)   with the consent of the Minister, acquire land for the purposes of national museums and, with such consent as aforesaid, dispose of any such land which is not required for that purpose;

   (b)   exchange, sell or otherwise dispose of any duplicate objects belonging to the national museum which the Board considers unfit to be preserved or not to be required for the purposes of national museum;

   (c)   apply any money received by the Board on exchange, sale or disposal of any objects or on the disposal of any land or by way of payment for admission to the national museums or part thereof or by way of gift, subvention, grant or otherwise, in the purchase of any object which, in the opinion of the Board, it is desirable to acquire for the national museums, or otherwise in defraying any expenses of the Board;

   (d)   subject to the Antiquities Act *, and on such terms and conditions as the Board may think fit, lend any objects belonging to the Board to any gallery, museum, exhibition or educational institution whether within or outside Tanzania;

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