1.   Short title.

   2.   Application.

   3.   Interpretation.

   4.   Minimum sentences where persons convicted of scheduled offence.

   5.   Circumstances in which court shall award longer terms of imprisonment.

   6.   Circumstances in which court may not apply this Act.

   7.   Compensation.

   8.   Remand pending conviction.

   9.   Provisions relating to evidence.

   10.   Court may impose imprisonment for longer term.

   11.   [Repeal of Act No. 1 of 1972.]

   12.   [Transitional provisions.]



An Act to provide for the imposition of minimum sentences in respect of specified offences and for related matters.

[1st March, 1972]
[s. 1]

Acts Nos.
1 of 1972
23 of 1973
10 of 1989
6 of 1994
9 of 1996
4 of 1998
12 of 1998
9 of 2002

1.   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Minimum Sentences Act.

2.   Application

   The provisions of this Act shall not apply to a juvenile.

3.   Interpretation

   In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires–

   "cattle" means any of the animals specified in section 268 of the Penal Code *;

   "juvenile" means any person under the apparent age of eighteen years;

   "scheduled offence" means an offence specified in any of the Schedules to this Act;

   "specified authority" means–

   (a)   the Government;

   (b)   a local government authority;

   (c)   a trade union registered under the Trades Union Act *;

   (d)   any body corporate established by or under any written law other than the Companies Act *;

   (e)   any subsidiary company;

   "subsidiary company" means a company registered under the Companies not less than fifty per centum of the issued share capital of which is owned by a specified authority or two or more specified authorities and includes a company limited by guarantee where the amount which the specified authority which is a member will become liable to contribute in the event of the company being wound up is not less than fifty per centum of the aggregate amount which all the members have undertaken to contribute; and references in this definition to a specified authority include references to any subsidiary company.

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