1.   Short title and interpretation.

   2.   Public ferries.

   3.   Public ferries vested in the Minister.

   4.   Licence to ply for hire on a public ferry.

   5.   Licensing officers.

   6.   Exclusive and non-exclusive licences and form thereof.

   7.   Period of licence.

   8.   Fee for licence.

   9.   A licence may be refused or issued subject to special conditions.

   10.   Recovery of fee and cancellation of licence if fee unpaid.

   11.   Regulations.

   12.   Prohibition of maintenance of ferry within a prescribed distance of a public ferry.

   13.   Penalty.

   14.   Saving of permits lawfully granted by or on behalf of the Government before commencement of the Act.

   15.   Exemption of ferries maintained by the Government or by local authorities.

   16.   [Omitted.]



An Act to provide for the control of public ferries.

[15th November, 1929]

Ords. Nos.
32 of 1928
11 of 1929
46 of 1951
G.N. No. 478 of 1962

1.   Short title and interpretation G.N. No. 478 of 1962">

   (1) This Act may be cited as the Ferries Act.

   (2) In this Act–

   "Minister" means the Minister responsible for works;

   "public ferry" means of passage over an area of water declared to be a public ferry under section 2.

2.   Public ferries G.N. No. 478 of 1962">

   (1) The Minister may by notice in the Gazette declare that the passage over any river, arm of the sea, lake or part of a lake from any place to which the public have access to any other such place is a public ferry.

   (2) Where any such passage as aforesaid exists over any water forming a boundary of Tanzania the Minister may declare that such part of such passage as lies within Tanzania shall be a public ferry within the meaning of this Act.

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